Pango 1.1.1


after previous problems with font sizes I tried the newly
released Pango 1.1.1. I know it is under development, but
feedback is hopefully appreciated anyway.
I use FcConfig version RC2, Pango 1.1.1, GTK+ 2.0.5 on
a largely unmodified SuSE 8.0 (the most recent from SuSE).

At first FcConfig just put a wrong entry into its config.h
as the last line was:
#define FONTCONFIG_PATH "$(prefix)/etc/fonts"
instead of 
#define FONTCONFIG_PATH "/usr/local/etc/fonts"
or whatever was intended. I changed that to where my
font.conf really is.

Now Xft doesn't find any font or at least it doesn't find
the Nimbus font. It complains about that with this message:
"WARNING **: Cannot open font file for font Nimbus Sans L, 10"
when running any GTK sample. This is rather surprising to
me as Fontconfig does create a ~/.font.cache file which
includes the paths to the Nimbus files from the ghostscript
distribution. A little later, the app crashes in XftCharIndex()
called from pango_xft_font_get_glyph().



Robert Roebling, <robert roebling medizin uni-ulm de>

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