Re: Running gtk_main in a thread

Thank you for your reply.

Yes , I am using your DLLs under cygwin but I am linking their libs with
my code compiled with the -mno-cygwin -mms-bitfields options of GCC(3.1).
So my soft does not use the cygwin runtime.
Excuse me but my testcase is not relevant because i wrote it for cygwin (I
thought it was easier for you to test it) and not for the mingw32
environment. Anyway, the test case doesn't work in either environment. If
I call the main_thread function of the testcase directly from main and not
in a thread, everything works in both cygwin and mingw32 environment.

So I think that my problem is the problem you mentioned as number 2.

I am now trying to compile the gdk and gtk (using microsoft compiler) in
order to put some trace in the code.

Any hints about the functions and the files I should look for?

I really need to have win32 gtk working in a multi-threaded environment.


Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> Didier Pralon writes:
>  > I am using gtk+-2.0.2 under cygwin and i would like to run the
>  > gtk_main loop in a thread.
> Hmm, there are two problems here:
> 1) If you are using the prebuilt GLib and GTK+ DLLs for Win32 provided
> by me, these should not be used by Cygwin-using programs. Different C
> runtime. Some things might work, but no guarantees. Or do you use a
> GLib and GTK+ specially built for Cygwin? Perhaps even with a X11 GDK
> backend?
> 2) Multi-threaded use of the Win32 GDK backend is known not to work
> properly. Again, some simple special cases might work, but in general
> it won't.
> --tml

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