SpinBox data

I just noticed the GnomeDateEdit widget in glade is really awkward.
For the time, it presents an entry with an option menu that has submenus.
Since the entry is not constrained, the option menu doesn't match the data.

This seems an apt place to have a spinbutton which can accept non-real ranges;
in this case, times of the day. Some other things might be presented in a
similar manner, such as square tiling - i.e., "1x1", "2x2", "3x3", ....

One can construct a time control with multiple spinbuttons, but i18n could be
tricky. Also, a single spinbutton seems more apt for when control is gross;
e.g., hourly increments.

Should GtkSpinButton be made more general? That seems like asking for api
hell. The problem is that a similar independent widget could clash with the
theme. Perhaps there is a way to smuggle out the correct appearance et al. to
allow a widget like a time selector?

Greg Merchan

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