Re: shared pixmaps question

Owen Taylor wrote:

Mostly you can't rely on shared pixmaps being present;
But gdk_image_new(GDK_IMAGE_SHARED, ...) also can fail. On most
X desktops MIT-SHM extension exists and most applications run localy (they
can use Shm extension).

a non-shared image acts just the same as a shared image (it's
just slower.)

The reason why I've posted the message is perfomance. I'm developing an
application where I need to mix raw video data with text and some 2D
primitives. (1) I can put raw data in GdkImage, (2) use gdk_draw_image to put
it into drawable, (3) put some text/2D with gdk_draw_* functions into pixmap
and (4) use gdk_draw_drawable to put it on screen. In case of shared
image/pixmap step (2) isn't need, so there're no extra memory transfers.

A non-shared pixmap is not at all the same
as a shared pixmap.

Yes, but drawing primitives works fine with it. I've wrote the code I needed
and didnt see any problem.

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Excuse me if question doesnt belong to gtk-devel-list, but it covers the library
internals and (as I think) can be interesting not only for me.


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