Re: GTK+ HEAD and Pango HEAD

Around 16 o'clock on Aug 2, Owen Taylor wrote:

> In my mind "if I haven't used it before, if I don't see it used
> all over the place in other software, it's a potential portability
> problem" ... too much hard experience with X stuff that really
> should have been portable.

You may not see it in application code, but it's in every extension 
library you've ever used.  Kinda fundemental to the X extension mechanism.

> If it's been there since 1987, it's probably pretty safe to trust that it
> will be there and (more of a question) working OK in all Xlibs.

You're already counting on it when using XShm, Xft, Shape, Render and a 
host of other libraries.

Keith Packard        XFree86 Core Team        HP Cambridge Research Lab

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