Query regarding dealing with windows of different depth

Hello everybody,
	This is regarding a problem i faced in one application (nautilus) dealing
with windows created at a different depth than the depth of the root window.
The bug id for this is

I could trace down the problem to
nautilus-desktop-window.c:set_gdk_window_background where we are trying to
set the background of a window with of Pixmap of the RootWindow.

When we do this on solaris we get a BadMatch X Window Error. However it
doesnt happen on linux.

The reason for this is on linux the visual classes are only available with
the default depth, so all the windows are created with the same depth as the
root window.
However on solaris (atleast on my machine) i am able to create windows with
depth different to the depth of the root window.
In this case the default depth of the root window is 8 planes and the
default visual class is PsuedoColor. And when the X Window Error occurs, the
depth of the window on which we are setting the background pixmap is 24.

Shouldnt applications or gtk+ library take care of the depth the windows are
created with, while dealing with pixmaps or windows at a different depth ?

Note: The BadMatch X Window error will also occur for the same reasons in

Warm Regards,
Shivram U

P.S: Attached xpdyinfo output of my solaris machine.

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