Owen wrote:

> Tim and I discussed adding
> if version >= 2.0
> endif
> type stuff to .gtkrc at some point in the 2.x series. Which would
> solve the problem for GTK+-3.0. But the only way that any RC file
> parsing change would help the situation here would be to do something
> like ignore RC files that don't have
>  rc_version 2.0
> Which is clearly not an option at this point; I'm not going to break
> things for everybody who has a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 or has written a GTK+-2.0
> theme.

Isn't it going to create breakage anyway?  At least from the
perspective that a new environment variable has to be set, this is
already API change.  It's not clear to me that adding a line to 
GTK+-2.0 themes (how many can there be really, at this point?)
is worse than having to change environment variable names.

> Regards,
>                                                  Owen

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