state of contrib/gdk-pixbuf-xlib


Is gdk-pixbuf-xlib ABI frozen as the rest of GTK+-2.0 is ? 

I'm asking this question because as part of making sawfish support
multiple screen in a same process, Shobhit had to modify gdk-pixbuf-xlib
to render pixbufs on multiple screens not only the default one.

At the moment gdk-pixbuf-xlib only allow to render pixbufs on the default 

So would changes that API to allow to specify screen numbers would be accepted ?

If not would changes along the lines on gtk-multihead (i.e. add a suffix like 
for_screen to function that need changing) be more likely to be accepted ?



 Erwann Chénedé, Sun Microsystems, Ireland
[ These opinions are my own and do not represent Sun unless otherwise stated.]

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