Re: pangox.aliases on various X platforms...

Chookij Vanatham <Chookij Vanatham sun com> writes:

> Hi Owen, others....
> pangox.aliases contains list of X font names for PangoFont definition.
> Unfortunately, even on various X platforms, these X font names can be
> different even for the same script.
> So, the pangox.aliases generated from CVS, I guess, that, it's for
> X86 on Linux. I'll need to change those X font names for X on Solaris.
> I think, I would need to figure out how pangox.aliases is generated and
> add the change to generate it for X on Solaris platform....
> Please let me know if this is the right direction for doing this....

Creating the right pangox.alias is a packaging problem. 
It is not intended that it should behave right on make install
out of the box. (This is why the file is in pango/examples)

We could add support for multiple different example config
files, but this wouldn't be consistent with what we do elsewhere
for the GTK+ libraries.


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