Where to put a some cross widget functions

I have four functions that I would like to see in the gtk library,
however I am unclear where would be the best place.

The first function returns the top level container (Window) given a
widget within that window. The basic guts are that it runs up the
widget->parent until it is NULL. However it has to do some monkeying
around with the Menu stuff. The code is stolen from support.c that glade
produces. Here is the basic code:-

for (;;)
      if (GTK_IS_MENU (widget))
        parent = gtk_menu_get_attach_widget (GTK_MENU (widget));
        parent = widget->parent;
      if (parent == NULL)
      widget = parent;

My feeling is that this should go in widget.c


The second function given a container pointer will look for the
currently focused widget in that container. It just runs down the
container->focus_child until it reaches NULL or a non container widget.
I believe this function should go in gtkcontainer.c


The third function is that will detect if a given widget is editable -
in particular will it receive a paste. It checks if the widget is either
GtkEditable or GtkTextView and calls a suitable function to get the
result (anything else is presumed to be non-editable right now).

Is this the right way to do this - can anyone think of a better way? I
would love it if all editable widgets shared a common ancestor somehow
that I could easily test for editability.

Given that I have to produce a big if/then/else thing for the different
widgets (is this maintainable?), which source file should it go in?


Finally I have a fourth function that has a similar problem to the last
one - how given a random widget I can tell if there is anything
selected. Again right now I am left with an if/then/else statement.
Which source file should this go in?



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