Re: resizing problem comments to bug #60623

Mikael Hermansson <tyan linux se> writes:

> Added below comment to bug #60623 any ideas what could be wrong?
> ------- Additional Comments From Mikael Hermansson 2001-09-24 09:26 -------
> There seems to be lots of problems with resizing in gtk 1.3.
> If you remove/hide/paned_set_position a widget it doesn't
> resize automatically.
> Some new examples:
> 1. If you hide I child widget the other widgets doesn't resize
>  to the new free area. 
> 2. gtk_widget_reparent() to remove/insert the widget fails to
> calculating resize.
> 3. gtk_paned_set_position doesn't resize if widget is realized. 

The problem is in gtkwindow.c:gtk_window_move_resize() - it asks for a
new size from the window manager and expects a response back if
size_changed or hints_changed, but unless size_changed, it doesn't
actually get a response back.

So if the minimum size of the window changes without the current size,
a size_allocate() never occurs, and the old allocations stick around.


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