Re: Big trouble with Euro locales (iso8859-15)

Daniel Egger <egger suse de> writes:

> Hija,
> it seems Gtk+ 1.2.x has big troubles with resolving fonts in
> de_DE euro for instance. This is a new locale that has been created
> for the purpose of supporting the EU as best as possible and has
> accordingly setting for example to support the european currency symbol.
> The problem should be easy to reproduce; use this or a similar setting
> for LANG and experience the problems using the fonttool in GIMP for
> instance. You can bring up the font dialog and preview all of them
> but most scalable fonts will fail to render in the imagewindow with an
> error dialog. This behaviour is reproducable among all Gtk+ application
> while normal X applications work fine in all situations.
> I really consider this a heavy blocker since people in Europe WILL want
> to be able to use the currency symbole as well when the Euro is
> officially the currency to use in Europe with the beginning of next
> year.
> Any ideas?
> Addition: This is definitely triggered by using an iso8859-15 locale 
> and only appears with postscript fonts for example the urw ones.
> I poked around a bit in the code but still haven't been able to identify
> the exact problem. I'll probably file a bugreport on this and CC every
> important developer.

Errr, it's not really a GTK+ problem. GTK+ doesn't know anything about

You may find that creating an appropriate gtkrc.de_DE file in /etc/gtk
helps for you.

(GTK+-1.2 CVS has some changes so that you can have a /etc/gtk/gtkrc.iso885915 
file instead, and the current Red Hat RPMS have a variant of this patch
in them.)


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