Keyboar accelerators for notebooks.

Some days ago i was discussing in #gnome with the gtk+ hackers adding a
keyboard accelerator to a gtknotebook. The consensus among them was that
since you are going to be able to share accelerators between widgets, we
should be just adding a mnemonic to the label of each gtknotebookpage.

I received this week a patch for gedit that allows you to switch between
documents opened while in MDI mode = notebook by hitting Ctrl+Page Up
and Ctrl+Page Down. My first reaction to this was why those keystrokes.
Well, Ctrl+Page Up & Ctrl+Page Down are specified in the CUA (Common
User Access) standard as the accelerators for notebooks. I tried it in
windows and it does work there.

I'd like to trow the idea of considering adding this accelerators at the
gtk+ level. I know that this is once of those things that very few users
will use just because it is hard to find out that it does that. We can
add an item in the GNOME hint app that runs at startup. On the other
hand, adding the accelator is harmless.


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