Re: #64765 - g_node_traverse- G_LEVEL_ORDER

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> G_LEVEL_ORDER currently is documented (and behaves as)
>  For N-ary Trees, it calls the function for
>  each child then it recursively visits each child.
> Tim believes that this was just a implementation bug 
> when he implemented it that then was documented by
> reading the code, and that the correct behavior should
> be:
>  It visits all nodes at each depth, before continuing
>  on to visit all nodes at the next deeper depth, 
>  and so on until all descendents have been visited.
> And there has been some agreement that this is a
> more expected behavior.
> Does anybody have any opinion on this? Is anyone
> actually using G_LEVEL_ORDER? (the current behavior
> is argueably basically useless)

IMHO it should be changed to the behaviour proposed by Tim. Currently
there is no way to do a breadth first search on a tree, only
variations of depth first (which is bad (TM) :-).

just my 2 pf,

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