Re: Enforcing #include <glib-gobject.h>

On 17 Nov 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Here's my attempt at making including any include of a
> gobject include file directly (not through glib-object.h)
> die with an #error, thus enforcing the existing policy.
> The only tricky part was gvaluecollector.h -- currently
> you have to include glib-object.h _then_ gvaluecollector.h.
> Believing that forcing includes to be ordered in a certain
> way is evil, I think there are only two possibilities:
>  A) Include gvaluecollector.h from glib-object.h
>  B) Make gvaluecollector.h pull in glib-object.h
> The patch below implements B).

thanks, that's fine. gvaluecollector.h shouldn't be pulled
in automatically but be included on demand. 99.9% of
third party code doesn't want that anyway.

> Regards,
>                                         Owen


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