Re: Adding g_object_get_type?

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Darin Adler wrote:

> on 11/9/01 11:30 AM, Havoc Pennington at hp redhat com wrote:
> > The "official doctrine" is indeed that you should never put the
> > foo_get_type() functions in your code, always use FOO_TYPE macros
> > instead, because some types are fundamental/builtin and thus not
> > registered via function.
> OK. It's too bad because then I have to pass the class name in three formats
> for macros that do things related to classes. Normal:
>    GtkObject
> Function prefix style:
>    gtk_object
> And type macro:
> If the get_type functions always existed, then I wouldn't need the third
> format at all. But now I understand that this is not the gobject way.

i don't know what passing you're exactly talking about, but what about:
C-Type: GtkObject

and forget about *_get_type() variants that are not always present?

>     -- Darin


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