Re: Multi-threaded GTK+

Hans Breuer writes:
 > Balsa (mail client) :
 > Pavuk (web site cloning) :
 > gftp (ftp client) :

Thanks. Will have a look at those, to see if they are usable as test

 > Maybe a simple:
 >   real_window_procedure(...);
 > in _gdk_win32_window_procedure() would help a lot ?

I don't think so, as one basic issue is that Windows has a per-thread
message queue, while GDK-Win32 only does PeekMessage() and
MsgWaitForMultipleObjects() in one (the "main") thread. These calls
only notice messages destined for their own thread. Thus, if some
other thread creates a window, messages for it will never be read (and
converted into GDK events). I assume.


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