RE: win32 port

At 14:53 24.05.01 +0100, Sander Vesik wrote:
>On Thu, 24 May 2001, Hans Breuer wrote:
>> Sorry to say that my resources are limited. I'm doing all this 
>> in my spare time. Additional: may I suggest you take a look at the
>> gimpwin-dev archives, to get an impression on how much work it
>> would be to support gtk-devel binary packages for win32.
>> >It';s not as if there was an infinite amount of time left until the freeze
>> I was expecting an api freeze to or shortly after GUADEC, but since
>> than my expectation isn't growing but shrinking ...
>> >so making use of developers time might just be a good thing. 
>> Maybe I'm just too ego-centric, but with me making binary snapshots,
>> I can only see making use of one's developers time: mine.
>Does it build reliably?
Nope. Almost every cvs update requires some action to be taken, to make it
build again. Additional there are quite some 'minor' issues to be
resolved like:

from the thread "Re: New default theme":

At 10:30 06.05.01 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
>Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> writes:
>> [...] 
>> - the checkboxes and radio buttons are drawn as white and 
>>   gray squares. Is this by design or is it a backend issue ?
>Backend issue. The check/radio buttons are pretty "normal" looking.
>Probably something to do with with the Win32 implementation of
>stipples which are used here to draw the components of the indicator.
That rings a bell. From Tor's status website:

"Stippled GCs now work partially in GDK. The only visible difference in
 GIMP is that guidelines now have the correct appearance. (If you don't
 know what a guideline is, try dragging the mouse out into the image
 from the top and left rulers in an image view.) I will still work on this, to
 make it work correctly with stipples and tiles of any size."

Is it possible to overload the check/radio buttons via rc-file
as well ? This would give me some more time to understand and implement
stipples and tiles ...

>If yes, then having a script that builds and uploads it shouldn't be a
>problem. If no then that is something that needs urgent fixing. I didn't
>mean to imply you personally have to do it.
This sounds like you (or your employer ? :-) have some resources to share. 
Any real help with Gtk/win32 would indeed be highly appreciated.


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