RE: win32 port

At 14:00 24.05.01 +0100, Sander Vesik wrote:
>On Thu, 24 May 2001, Hans Breuer wrote:
>> At 07:34 23.05.01 -0400, Michael Mitton wrote:
>> >Hans:
>> >
>> >Perhaps you would be willing to provide weekly snapshots for the win32
>> >environment.  I would be willing to give you some webspace for this.
>> >
>> I don't plan to do any Gtk+2.0 binary releases, at least not before the
>> official API freeze.
>> Additional IMHO there is no benefit on either side if people
>> start using Gtk+2.0 at the moment, who aren't able to compile it.
>IMVHO oit is not at all the case of capability but rather 'need to build'
>vs. 'can get a snapshot'.
Sorry to say that my resources are limited. I'm doing all this 
in my spare time. Additional: may I suggest you take a look at the
gimpwin-dev archives, to get an impression on how much work it
would be to support gtk-devel binary packages for win32.

>It';s not as if there was an infinite amount of time left until the freeze
I was expecting an api freeze to or shortly after GUADEC, but since
than my expectation isn't growing but shrinking ...

>so making use of developers time might just be a good thing. 
Maybe I'm just too ego-centric, but with me making binary snapshots,
I can only see making use of one's developers time: mine.


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