Re: stock icons to add

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Steven Brooks <umbrook0 cs umanitoba ca> writes:
I don't see the problem with adding the remainder.  They're not that
specific.  For example, what makes colorselector icon more acceptable
than the multimedia icons?  I have as many programs that play sound as
let me change colours.

The problem is that we don't want an unbounded criteria for inclusion.
i.e. whatever your criteria for including icons, it should not lead to
including an infinite number of icons. ;-)

So, my criteria is "likely to be useful in any kind of application,"
or maybe "not sensible in an application-specific library."  The stock
system is extensible; so you can have a games library, a sound app
library, an email library, etc. that add those sort of icons.

In that case, I'd still recommend stock_cdrom, stock_exec and stock_not.

Also, a stock_floppy which is guaranteed to be a floppy disk (unlike
stock_save) and some sort of stock_net.  Basically, I'd like to have
stock_cdrom and stock_floppy used in the file selection dialog to clue
the user when they're leaving their hard drives.


These are good generic icons.

What the heck are they for? Has anyone ever used them outside of the
GNOME demo apps?

Prototyping.  Especially since there is an open-closed version of one of
the books.  Its easy to bang together a tree and show it to someone.

But that's probably not a good enough reason to have it in the core


I think this should be in there, too.  Help|About is a fairly standard
place (or should be) to get information about contacting the author.

It's a fried egg. ;-) If it was a bit more meaningful maybe...

Is THAT what it is?  I always thought it was some sort of flower...


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