Re: numeric keypad, tooltips/whatsthis key

Hi Calum,

You're correct. The following is the spec for posting and unposting Swing 
        Post tip -      Ctrl+F1 (for component with focus)
        Unpost tip -    Esc and Ctrl+F1


> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > The actual gtktooltips changes aren't really right; the tooltip
> > doesn't pop down in a coherent way. Calum suggests that the tooltip
> > pop down on Escape or focus switch. This is really painful to
> > implement, because doing it on Escape requires the tip to grab
> > keyboard, and doing it on focus switch requires events to go to the
> > window the tooltip is popped up for. Probably we can't just pop down
> > on any key event since some may be needed for accessible navigation.
> Just to make things even more complicated, the tip should only really
> pop down when you press Escape if it was popped up by pressing Ctrl+F1
> in the first place-- if it was popped up by mousing over the control,
> the subsequent Escape keypress should be handled by the control or its
> parent, not the Tooltip itself...
> (I think this is how Java implements it, anyway... perhaps Earl or
> somebody with a running Java app handy could confirm?!)
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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