Re: numeric keypad, tooltips/whatsthis key

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The actual gtktooltips changes aren't really right; the tooltip
> doesn't pop down in a coherent way. Calum suggests that the tooltip
> pop down on Escape or focus switch. This is really painful to
> implement, because doing it on Escape requires the tip to grab
> keyboard, and doing it on focus switch requires events to go to the
> window the tooltip is popped up for. Probably we can't just pop down
> on any key event since some may be needed for accessible navigation.

Just to make things even more complicated, the tip should only really
pop down when you press Escape if it was popped up by pressing Ctrl+F1
in the first place-- if it was popped up by mousing over the control,
the subsequent Escape keypress should be handled by the control or its
parent, not the Tooltip itself...

(I think this is how Java implements it, anyway... perhaps Earl or
somebody with a running Java app handy could confirm?!)


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