Re: Impact of change to gcompletion.h on building gtk+ on Solaris

"Padraig O'Briain" <Padraig Obriain Sun COM> writes: 
> As far as I can make out this is caused by the removal of the following lines 
> from glib/gcompletion.h:
> #ifdef G_OS_UNIX                               
> #include <unistd.h>                                                            
> #endif 
> I am building on Solaris. Where is gid_t defined on Linux and how is it included 
> in gtkmain.c?

Maybe it isn't, I haven't tried building yet today. ;-)

The GLib headers aren't supposed to drag in C library headers. 
The correct fix here would be to put #ifdef G_OS_UNIX #include
<unistd.h> at the top of gtkmain.c.


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