Problem with gdk crossing mode


I found one problem that caused the Gtk Perl extension to croak and
die with the following error message:

    Invalid value 32 for GdkCrossingMode
The strange thing is that this problem happened only on one specific
configuration of a Sun computer after I had run some other program.
It happened when I tried to drag an object on the Gnome Canvas.

I managed to workaround this problem with no visible side effects
by applying the following ugly patch in Gtk/GdkTypes.c :

<  hv_store(h, "mode", 4, newSVGdkCrossingMode(e->crossing.mode), 0);
>  hv_store(h, "mode", 4, newSVGdkCrossingMode(e->crossing.mode%3), 0);

This is obviously not the way to do it... The real problem is that
gdk returned a crossing mode that is outside its enum range. Why
did this happen? And what is the proper perl way of dealing with

This happened with gtk version 1.2.8 .

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