Re: strcasecmp/tolower/toupper breakage

on 5/3/01 7:51 PM, George at jirka 5z com wrote:

> It will not be what you expect.  We need ascii only versions of these things.
> In fact if you are using g_strcasecmp for something that requires locale info
> you should be using strcoll anyway.
> I have made _no_locale version of strcasecmp in pong/grapevine/panel etc, but
> wasn't aware of any actual locale where it was broken, plus until today I
> sort of forgot this problem existed.  Anyway the affected functions are:
> isupper, islower, toupper, tolower, strcasecmp, strncasecmp.
> I suggest we get ascii only versions into glib 2.  In fact I suggest
> g_strcasecmp and g_strncasecmp work as ascii only, since there doesn't seem
> to be any legitimite reason for use of a locale specific strcasecmp (again,
> strcoll should be used).

I agree strongly with what George said here (in a message to gnome-devel and
gnome-hackers), so I put a patch in Bugzilla

I'd really like to get this patch and the unrelated
<> patch into an upcoming
glib 1.3 release.

Once we add these new calls to glib, I can start going over other libraries
and using the new calls as needed to fix this problem throughout GNOME.

    -- Darin

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