Re: gdk-pixbuf 0.11.0 changes

"Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II" <stu7440 westga edu> writes:
> Were does one submit changes to gdk-pixbuf?  I've added some basic PCX
> and TGA loaders to it, and I wanted some input before adding new formats
> and features.

This list is fine for discussion/input, you probably want to CC
federico ximian com as well, and to be sure the final patch isn't
forgotten put it in for tracking. (You can attach
files to bugs.)

Your patch should be against the gdk-pixbuf version in GTK+ 2.0 most
likely, since that is the devel version. If you want to do the stable
gdk-pixbuf in addition that might be OK, but the devel version patch
is probably mandatory or when people port to GTK 2 your functionality
will suddenly disappear. i.e. you don't want to do stable branch only
since that guarantees a future feature regression.

For new loaders, make sure the code is clean, follows the coding
standards (GTK-style naming, Linux kernel indentation), and is robust
against malicious images (e.g. should report a GError if the image
size is bogus, rather than overflowing an array, for example).

Lots of the current loaders are broken and unsafe; the code is messy,
they crash if they get bad data, and so on - I don't think we want to
add more loaders like this, because we're already going to have to
remove the existing loaders unless someone fixes them. These loaders
are used in web browsers, email readers, etc. and malicious web pages
shouldn't be able to mess anything up.

Anyhow, would love to have new loaders, feel free to post your code in
any stage of development and ask for feedback.


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