Re: ATK dependency added to GTK+

Bill Haneman <bill haneman ireland sun com> writes:

> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > 
> > I've gone ahead and applied the patch to GTK+ to add a dependency
> > on the ATK library for accessibility support.
> > 
> > So, when building from CVS, you'll have to checkout, build and install
> > ATK after pango and before GTK+. (atk module in CVS)
> Thanks a lot, Owen.  This is a great milestone for us.
> I hope the extra hassle isn't too bad for everyone...
> Soon we hope to post some hints and a couple more demos so that
> interested people can easily try out the current accessibility
> implementation library also ("gail", for Gnome Accessibility
> Implementation Library).  GAIL is now also in Gnome CVS.  We had to
> rename it because of a clash with another project...  Persons curious
> about how ATK will "really" work (i.e. be implemented) may wish to
> have a look.

So, now we have GAIL, GALE (instant message system), and GAEL (whateve
that is...) ;-)
> I agree that it would be nice to make the process of checkout out a
> buildable GTK+ from CVS a little easier.  I wonder if there is a nice
> way of doing this that would still make it easy to check out ATK by
> itself, from the same repository?
> Is there a way of indicating dependencies in CVS so that a checkout
> pulls in extra modules, besides the one at the root of the desired
> tree?

What you do is add an entry to the 'modules' file in CVSROOT that
looks like something like:

 gtk-everything &glib &pango &atk &gtk+ 

And this, when you check out gtk-everything, creates a subdir
for each of the listed modules.

But the sticking point is that the configure / build for each
of the above would then have to be fixed so that all the modules
could be built before installing any of them.

Which is probably about a days work.


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