Re: ATK dependency added to GTK+

Owen Taylor wrote:
> I've gone ahead and applied the patch to GTK+ to add a dependency
> on the ATK library for accessibility support.
> So, when building from CVS, you'll have to checkout, build and install
> ATK after pango and before GTK+. (atk module in CVS)

Thanks a lot, Owen.  This is a great milestone for us.

I hope the extra hassle isn't too bad for everyone...

Soon we hope to post some hints and a couple more demos so that
interested people can easily try out the current accessibility
implementation library also ("gail", for Gnome Accessibility
Implementation Library).  GAIL is now also in Gnome CVS.  We had to
rename it because of a clash with another project...  Persons curious
about how ATK will "really" work (i.e. be implemented) may wish to
have a look.

I agree that it would be nice to make the process of checkout out a
buildable GTK+ from CVS a little easier.  I wonder if there is a nice
way of doing this that would still make it easy to check out ATK by
itself, from the same repository?

Is there a way of indicating dependencies in CVS so that a checkout
pulls in extra modules, besides the one at the root of the desired


P.S. - Fear not, gentle readers, GAIL is not a dependency of GTK+,
it's an optional GTK_MODULE.
Bill Haneman
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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