Re: The future of GdkFont declarations

On 2 May 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> To do this it looks like you need to fix GnomeCanvasText; it should
> have similar parameters to GtkLabel/GtkCellRendererText/GtkTextTag. At
> minimum a "markup" property, probably also the weight, style, stretch,
> etc. stuff; should just cut-and-paste from the cell renderer so you
> get exactly the same property names and types.

Having looked at those, I kinda miss the point -- can't you just get the
FontDescription, modify some fields, and put it back?
I really don't feel like bloating everything that renders strings with all
these properties.
BTW, wouldn't it be possible to implement these rendered-text-related
properties in one place and then re-use it in GtkLabel,
GtkCellRendererText and GnomeCanvasText?

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