GtkTexTag utility functions

  I find these functions useful, so maybe others will too. Can they be
included in GTK?

/* -*- Mode: C; c-file-style: "gnu"; -*- */
#include "misc.h"

 * gtk_text_tag_copy_values: -copy attributes from one tag to another
 * @dest: a #GtkTextTag
 * @src: another #GtkTextTag
 * Copy the contents of tag @src into tag @dest. The destination tag's
 * name and table are not changed, only text attributes.
void gtk_text_tag_copy_values (GtkTextTag *dest, GtkTextTag *src)
  g_return_if_fail (dest);
  g_return_if_fail (src);
  g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_TAG (dest));
  g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_TAG (src));
  gtk_text_attributes_copy_values (src->values, dest->values);
#define _COPY_FLAG(flag) dest->flag = src->flag
  _COPY_FLAG (bg_color_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (bg_color_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (bg_stipple_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (fg_color_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (family_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (style_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (variant_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (weight_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (stretch_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (size_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (fg_stipple_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (justification_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (left_margin_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (indent_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (rise_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (strikethrough_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (right_margin_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (pixels_above_lines_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (pixels_below_lines_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (pixels_inside_wrap_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (tabs_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (underline_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (wrap_mode_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (bg_full_height_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (invisible_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (editable_set);
  _COPY_FLAG (language_set);
#undef _COPY_FLAG

 * gtk_text_tag_copy: -duplicate a tag
 * @tag: the #GtkTextTag to duplicate
 * Create a new #GtkTextTag with same values as @tag. The returned
 * #GtkTextTag doesn't belong to any $GtkTextTagTable.
 * Return value: the newly created #GtkTextTag
GtkTextTag* gtk_text_tag_copy (GtkTextTag *tag)
  GtkTextTag *ntag;

  g_return_val_if_fail (tag, NULL);
  g_return_val_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_TAG (tag), NULL);

  ntag = gtk_text_tag_new (tag->name);
  gtk_text_tag_copy_values (ntag, tag);
  return ntag;

 * gtk_text_tag_table_install:
 * @table: a #GtkTextTagTable
 * @tag: a #GtkTextTag
 * Add @tag to the tag table @table or, if a tag with the same name
 * already exists in @table, update the existing tag in the table with
 * the values in @tag. If the tag is anonymous, it is simply added to
 * the table.
void gtk_text_tag_table_install (GtkTextTagTable *table, GtkTextTag *tag)
  GtkTextTag *existing_tag;
  g_return_if_fail (table);
  g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_TAG_TABLE (table));
  g_return_if_fail (tag);
  g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_TAG (tag));
  if (!tag->name)
    gtk_text_tag_table_add(table, tag);
  else {
    existing_tag = gtk_text_tag_table_lookup(table, tag->name);
    if (existing_tag)
      gtk_text_tag_copy_values(existing_tag, tag);
      gtk_text_tag_table_add(table, tag);

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro

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