Re: New default theme

Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman Sun COM> writes:

> [context omitted, sorry ;-)]
> > 
> >> >  - Focus is done Windows (etc.) style with the focus being a 
> >> >    dotted line inside the button.
> >> 
> >> What about other widgets than buttons? It's been a while since I used
> >> windows so I dont remember how it works.. :-|
> >
> >Well, it depends on the widget...
> >
> > GtkEntry/GtkTextView: No focus indication other than the cursor.
> >   (We probably will want to make the cursor blink by default, though
> >   the red cursor that testgtk is using now is pretty effective 
> >   too...)
> Hi:
> Well, it's a step in the right direction to make sure focus is visible, 
> somehow, in all cases.  So that much is really good...
> But the "cursor only" indication strikes me as a little weak, can we not 
> draw a dotted or transparent line around the text canvas?  And of course 
> red is only effective if you aren't color blind :-)

The red suggestion is, more or less, a joke. The trouble with adding
a dotted line indication is:
 a) It uses quite a bit of space (you need to reserve 4 extra
    pixels horizontally and vertically

 b) It looks rather odd and clutters up where you are typing.

Since both Windows and the Swing use the cursor as the only indication
of focus, there is some experimental evidence that it isn't that
hard to notice.

> Default blinking is questionable.  At any rate it shouldn't blink faster 
> than 2 Hz (could, in theory, trigger seizures in some people - US 
> Federal Gov't requirement nowadays).

2 Hz is pretty fast. (GtkTextView currently uses something like 0.8 Hz)


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