Re: Problems with expose_event->region patch

Alexander Larsson <alla lysator liu se> writes:

> On 9 Mar 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > Alexander Larsson <alla lysator liu se> writes:
> > > This works for gtkclist, patch appended. Same way seems to be ok for
> > > testgtk. But it seems harder to remove from gtktext.c, but on the other
> > > hand, I'm totally lost in the gtktext code. Any ideas?
> > 
> > Hmmm, actually, yeah, it would be hard to remove from gtktext.c
> > since gtktext.c makes the optimization when you insert text
> > in the middle of the screen of moving the bottom portion
> > down instead of redrawing that.
> > 
> > Now, the solution is just tot get rid of that optimization - we don't
> > do it for GtkTextView and it doesn't matter. But consider the code in
> > gtktext.c, I don't think the advantage of making
> > gtk_widget_send_expose() private is worth the effort that would take.
> I agree.
> > Though I like the ratio of - to + in the GtkCList patch...
> It also fixes AA overdraw problems, and contains a change that makes
> horizontal scrolling of the column headers flash less (when scrolling
> left). I'll gladly commit it if it is ok with you. (There are bugs in
> bugzilla for both of these problems.)

Yeah, go ahead and commit the CList change.


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