Re: Icon build failure

Helmethead wrote:

> I think it happened when I changed something to make make-inline-pixbuf directly (cd $(topdir)/gdk-pixbuf && make make-inline-pixbuf or something) instead of doing a complete make in the gdk-pixbuf directory
> making make-inline-pixbuf won't build the image loader plugins or something

make clean + make in gdk-pixbuf doesn't solve it.  I've got a static
library for the png loader in the gdk-pixbuf dir. 

This does expose one buglet in make-inline-pixbuf.  It shouldn't produce
the output file if it can't process all the input params.  It produces
an output file with just a comment at the top when the png loader fails
in this scenario.  Should I open a gtk bug on that, or where do I send
patches to gdk-pixbuf?


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