Re: (no subject)

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> > Btw. which should I contact to get write access to the CVS?
> > 
> A bit up in the air at the moment; you could mail gnome-sysadmin and
> see if it works. ;-)

Requests to get get CVS access should go to cvsmaster gnome org 

But if you want to work on an existing module, you should get
a module maintainer to contact cvsmaster gnome org on your

So, for GTK+, for example, you would mail me or Tim a login
and crypted password (along with information about what you
want to work on), and we would forward it to cvsmaster gnome org 

Perhaps what Havoc is referring as being up in the air is
the general procedure for deciding what projects we accept
into GNOME CVS - right now it's pretty much up to the
discretion of whoever handles the request.


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