Re: API Freeze Schedule and outstanding API bugs

Le 08/06/01 08:12:23, Jonathan Blandford a écrit :
> I'm fairly indifferent to this issue.  If you file a bug, it might be
> considered.

Done <>
I just cut&pasted my previous message.

> However, given the amount left to be done, unless a patch
> appears, it's unlikely to go in the tree.

See the patch in <>

It may merge uncorrectly in the current gtktree* files, I can make a new
one if needed.

> > So how is reordering supposed to work?
> I think there is no way around this.  One thing you can do is use
> gtk_tree_view_set_column_drag_function to prevent that from happening.
> I basically came to the conclusion that I couldn't cover all bases, and
> that if the user went to the trouble of setting some (but not all)
> columns reorderable -- they could handle it themselves.

Thanks, so this basically just need to be documented. If I find some


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