Re: patch to allow cross-compilation of glib

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Raja R Harinath wrote:

> Hi,
> Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes:
> > at the moment, glib can not be cross-compiled, since it executes
> > the glib-genmarshal binary created for the target platform during
> > the build. 
> Maybe it shouldn't.  Isn't the output of 'glib-genmarshal' target
> independent.  I think the best option is to create 'gmarshal.c' on a
> native build, and cross-compile that.
> So, 
>     cd path/to/glib
>     mkdir -p build/native build/cross
>     cd build/native && do native configure && make
>     cd ../cross && do cross configure --disable-rebuilds && make
> should do the trick.

good idea. i spoke to mitch on irc about this and allowing for
an externally callbale glib-genmarshal was the obvious thing that
came to mind for me.
however if this can be avoided and the above way works, i'd rather
not allow overriding glib-genmarshal from (have some
performance hacks pending which really require glib<->llib-genmarshal
version matches).

sven, can you make sure this works for you? if so, please
commit just the cosmetic cleanups to ;)

> - Hari


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