Re: Notebook pages

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Joel Becker wrote:

> Folks,
> 	So, I just updated HEAD from like three weeks ago.  Now
> gtk_widget_show_all() misses all the notebook pages except the front
> page.  Basically, it works like this.  Page 0 is shown.  Pages 1-N are
> not.  You switch to page M, it is blank.  Switch to any other page
> (causing an implicit 'hide' on page M).  Switch back to page M and it
> will now be valid and shown. 
> 	I had a quick look at the 1.95-1.96 diff, and there are a lot of
> changes from IS_MAPPED and IS_VISIBLE to
> gtk_widget_[gs]et_child_visible.  I haven't had a chance to test yet, so
> I do not have a solution patch, but I thought folks might like to know.

i just fixed a couple child/realization/mapping bugs for scrollable
notebook, could you reeval if that problem is still present (testgtk works
fine here at least).

> Joel


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