Re: Notes when applying IO channel patch

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Johannes Stezenbach <js convergence de> writes:
> > Owen Taylor wrote:
> > >
> > > If we remove ERANGE, EBADMSG as being STREAMS things, say that
> > > we warn and don't return EBADF and EFAULT, and handle EGAIN
> > > and EINTR internally, then the set is:
> >
> > EAGAIN can happen on non-blocking file descriptors only, and
> > there it makes no sense to handle it internally: The user
> > asked for it by setting the file descriptor to non-blocking
> > and needs EAGAIN for status notification.
> By "internally", I mean simply mean that it isn't handled
> as an error, but as a separate status "GIOStatusAgain".

Ah, OK, I was confused because you listed EAGAIN right next to
EINTR, for which "handled internally" would mean to retry the
syscall invisibly to the user.

Thanks for the clarification.


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