more missing boxed types

I was going through the pango headers looking for more types that could
use typecodes.  Here are the ones with missing get_types I found:
  PangoCoverage: easy to fix.  Already has ref/unref pair in header
  PangoEngine ??? (is this needed by an app?)
  PangoItem: this one already has copy/free pair in header
  PangoTabArray: copy/free pair already in header
  PangoLanguage: may not be necessary.

Some of these types may be internal and of no use to an application
programmer (PangoEngine and PangoGlyphString maybe?) so won't need
typecodes.  I might have missed some types as well.

I can put together a patch to add the get_type() functions for the types,
but need to know which ones would actually be worth doing.

As before, adding typecodes is useful if another library wishes to use
one of these types as a signal argument, and can be useful to language
bindings (my python bindings handle types with boxed typecodes a lot
easier than those without).


Email: james daa com au

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