Re: TODO List Item -- Gtk+ Modules installation directory

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Gary V. Vaughan wrote:

> Hi.
> Please Cc: me on replies; I am not on the list.
> I was browsing just
> now, and would like to implement the item `Gtk+ Modules installation
> directory'.
> In preparation for the next release of libtool, I have been enhancing
> libltdl to support all of the features in GModule.  As part of the
> testing process I have a version of GModule-1.3.2 reimplemented as a
> wrapper for libtool's libltdl.  The only wart in my version is that
> some of the changes to the GModule API from 1.2->1.3 are a worse fit
> for a libltdl wrapper than the older 1.2 API, so I took the liberty of
> reverting these where it seemed prudent.  For those of you who don't
> follow libtool development, the next release of libltdl will (in
> addition to the GModule Linux/Windows/HP-UX/etc. ports) be able
> to runtime and linktime load dynamic modules on platforms with no
> dynamic loading capability at all.
> If you guys would accept (something close to) my patch into the core,
> I would quite like to base the next release of GNU M4 on GLib, since I
> have found myself implementing a lot of container classes and type
> portability code as part of the enhancements I am doing.
> Anyway, let me know what you think, and I'll clean up what I have and
> submit whatever you are interested in.

please send in your patch, review couldn't hurt ;)
on backing out 1.3 things, we'll have to adress those in detail,
they were usually made for pretty good reasons.
as for the initial todo item, gtk+ should actually load modules
only from a defined set of directories, and that set should be
queriable through gtk-config so add-on modules actually know where
to install to. but that requires GModule to operate on specific
search paths, and on those only, and that's a non-trivial issue
to get properly going in a platform independant way. (e.g. dlopen()
searches normal library paths, but not on all platforms are add-on
application specific modules also suitable .so libraries).

> Cheers,
> 	Gary.


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