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I was browsing just
now, and would like to implement the item `Gtk+ Modules installation

In preparation for the next release of libtool, I have been enhancing
libltdl to support all of the features in GModule.  As part of the
testing process I have a version of GModule-1.3.2 reimplemented as a
wrapper for libtool's libltdl.  The only wart in my version is that
some of the changes to the GModule API from 1.2->1.3 are a worse fit
for a libltdl wrapper than the older 1.2 API, so I took the liberty of
reverting these where it seemed prudent.  For those of you who don't
follow libtool development, the next release of libltdl will (in
addition to the GModule Linux/Windows/HP-UX/etc. ports) be able
to runtime and linktime load dynamic modules on platforms with no
dynamic loading capability at all.

If you guys would accept (something close to) my patch into the core,
I would quite like to base the next release of GNU M4 on GLib, since I
have found myself implementing a lot of container classes and type
portability code as part of the enhancements I am doing.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and I'll clean up what I have and
submit whatever you are interested in.

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