Re: GtkTreeView Questions

Mikael Hermansson <mikeh bahnhof se> writes: 
> 1. At the moment the TreeModel is using Arrows to show if there is child
> items in a parent node.
>   IMHO. It also needs to draw lines to know wish is the parent item when
> the child has been expanded.
>   Is there any plan to draw lines the same way as the old GtkCTree (atleast
> as an opinion)?

jrb can probably tell you what the plans are there.
> 2. What are the plans with the keybindings in the treeview?

Will probably be similar to CTree. Mostly not implemented at all yet.

> "activate" GDK_Return Send this signal when doubleclick/ pressing
> the keybinding on a row.
> Lots of application is using doubleclicks in List Widgets to "open"
> something
> (I.O. fileselectors/pictureviewers etc...)  That's why this signal
> should be there ;-) Else the user has to connect to both 
> "button_press_event"/"key_press_event" to get this to work....

This is a pretty good idea IMO, "how do I do something on CList row
doubleclick" is a very common FAQ.


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