Re: Deprecated Widgets

Jeff Franks <jcf tpg com au> writes:

> Hi,
> I have a genral question about the future of some widgets. What will
> happen to those composite widgets, such as GtkCombo, which contain a
> deprecated widget, in GtkCombo's case a GtkCList. I'm writing a progam
> for Gtk-2.0 I find my only current option is to not use them.

GtkCombo actually contains a GtkList, not a GtkCList.

It's important to distinguish here between widget that are broken,
such as GtkText, GtkTree, and widgets that are simply being
replaced, such as GtkCList, GtkList.

The two examples of composite widgets I can think of that contain
deprecated widgets are GtkCombo which contains a GtkList, and
GtkFileSel which contains a GtkCList. 

In both cases we have a composite widgets which is scheduled to be
majorly reworked / replaced in the future which contains a widget
which is obsolete, but still works and will be left in GTK+-2.0.

So, this isn't a huge problem. When the composite widgets are
replaced, the obsolete widgets will be removed, but if this doesn't
happen before GTK+-2.0, then the old widgets will continue to work

I'd say, you'd probably be best off avoiding poking too deeply
into the internals of GtkFilesel and tweaking the GtkCList. If
you do that, you should expect to have to rewrite that portion
of your code for GTK+-2.2. 

But, rest assured, we won't suddenly remove GtkCList in GTK+-2.0.1
and break GtkFileSel.


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