Re: Deprecated Widgets

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Jeff Franks wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a genral question about the future of some widgets. What will
> happen to those composite widgets, such as GtkCombo, which contain a
> deprecated widget, in GtkCombo's case a GtkCList. I'm writing a progam
                               this should probably be GtkList

> for Gtk-2.0 I find my only current option is to not use them.

In the case of GtkCombo there is a replacement in development, so it may
also be deprecated in 2.0.

As for other compound widgets, it probably depends on how much code pokes
around in the internals of that widget.  If the deprecated widget inside
the compound widget is not accessed directly, it would probably be
possible to change over to using a new widget without much breakage.  For
something like GtkCombo where you need to poke around in the GtkList to do
anything non trivial.


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