Re: updated

I've changed things in CVS so you don't need the sed script anymore.
I changed the update script on wilber as well, but you'll need to run
it, as I can't update your cvs co.

The number of files thing is a pain, thats why I had it the way it
was. But, numbering is important.

I wrote a dsl to do a similar thing, but I seem to have lost it. Will
have to commit one into cvs.


On 11-Jan-2001 Shawn T Amundson wrote:
> Ok, I figured out the numbering and and was also able to add
> in the date to the html.  I started by finding gdp-both.dsl
> in the GNOME's DocBook documentation and modifying it with
> the attachd patch.  Then I sent the FAQ SGML through the 
> following sed statement:
> sed -e 's/<chapter>//' -e 's/<\/sect1>//g' -e 's/^<title>GT
> K+ FAQ<\/title>//' -e 's/<sect1>/<chapter>/g' -e
> 's/<sect2>/<sect1>/g' -e 's/<
> \/sect2>//'
> And that seemed to do get everything in the state that I wanted
> it to be in.  (Even though the sed statement is a hack.)
> I guess it might be nice if it didn't break it up into so many
> small HTML files (especially for the FAQ), but that is probably
> more difficult.
> -Shawn
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