API freeze status


Your friendly status report on the API freeze. There are 42 open
API-affecting bugs blocking the freeze. Some of these are actually
"enhancement" bugs and we've already decided to punt the feature, but,
mostly they are real blockers.

We've closed 23 API-affecting bugs since we started using Bugzilla to
track things.

If you notice any bugs that should be in here and aren't, please put
them in Bugzilla and add the 'API' keyword.


ID    Opened     Sev State Summary
40208 2000-12-20 cri NEW   Boxed type copying breaks GTK+
40060 2000-12-15 nor NEW   write gtk_tree_view_column_set_widget
40064 2000-12-15 nor NEW   Rename gtk_tree_model_ref_iter()
40069 2000-12-15 nor NEW   GtkTreeModelSort needs finishing
40070 2000-12-15 nor NEW   DND in TreeView needs implementing
40073 2000-12-15 nor NEW   Pluggable memory management
40074 2000-12-15 nor NEW   Command line option parsing API
40079 2000-12-15 nor NEW   Implement WM hints spec
40080 2000-12-15 nor NEW   gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable() is hosed
40087 2000-12-16 nor NEW   Events should stop emission on TRUE return
40088 2000-12-16 nor NEW   g_signal_connect
40103 2000-12-16 nor NEW   Theme engine should be able to draw tree expanders
40194 2000-12-18 nor NEW   Move signals on GtkTreeModel into the interface
40196 2000-12-19 nor NEW   Cleanup rich text APIs for Label and GtkCellRendererText
40197 2000-12-19 nor NEW   Way to set focus order
40205 2000-12-20 nor NEW   GCallback should not be a void pointer
40206 2000-12-20 nor NEW   Some GObject methods take a gpointer
40209 2000-12-20 nor NEW   Need a G_TYPE_ for non-nul-terminated strings
40213 2000-12-20 nor NEW   No accessor for GObject::property_specs
40215 2000-12-20 nor NEW   g_param_spec_string_c is a very cryptic function name
40242 2000-12-30 nor NEW   Remove gdk_pixbuf_init()
40245 2000-12-31 nor NEW   need notification of pixbuf and child widget insertion
40248 2000-12-31 nor NEW   pango_layout_move_cursor_visually needs to use logical attributes
40257 2001-01-01 nor NEW   Rename child_toggled signal for GtkTreeModel
40258 2001-01-01 nor NEW   Consider _foreach virtual function for GtkTreeModel
40261 2001-01-01 nor NEW   Need to support closures for GtkTreeSelection selection predicate and selection foreach
40266 2001-01-01 nor NEW   Text/Pixbuf/Pixtext cell renderers could just be merged
40270 2001-01-01 nor NEW   GtkCellRendererText should have an API similar to GtkLabel's
40273 2001-01-01 nor NEW   Hard to customize mouse/keyboard behavior for GtkTextView
40278 2001-01-01 nor NEW   GtkSpinButton needs a few extra convenience functions
40281 2001-01-02 nor NEW   GtkTreeModel sort function should take iterators not GValue
40284 2001-01-03 nor NEW   Global Settings mechanism
40285 2001-01-03 nor NEW   Per-style setting mechanism
40287 2001-01-03 nor NEW   Fix drawing of insensitive PangoLayout
40291 2001-01-04 nor NEW   Mark deprecated interfaces with macros
40295 2001-01-05 nor NEW   GHashTable destroy notify
40319 2001-01-11 nor NEW   Need way to make line terminator normal characters
40325 2001-01-11 nor NEW   Need to be able to turn off shadow around GtkEntry
40050 2000-12-15 enh NEW   draw_focus and draw_default are broken
40062 2000-12-15 enh NEW   Editable cells in GtkTreeView
40075 2000-12-15 enh NEW   Unicode regular expression engine
40076 2000-12-15 enh NEW   Time API to go with date API

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