API freeze status


I went through and tagged all API-affecting bugs with the "API"
keyword, so you can query for that keyword to get bugs that are
blocking a final API freeze. Most of these bugs are fairly small, with
a few big nasty ones such as DND for the tree view.

My query URL is:


I don't know if Bugzilla will let people other than me use the URL,
but if not you can probably figure out how to do the query. 

There are about 53 open API-affecting bugs by my count. This is about
half of open glib/pango/gtk bugs in Bugzilla (though debbugs stuff
hasn't been imported, I would guess most of debbugs is against 1.2.x).

If you notice any of these can be punted out of 2.0, then please add a
comment to them indicating that. (Unless they are already marked
"enhancement", all enhancements are automatically puntable and
probably will get dropped at this point.)

If you know of needed API fixups not in Bugzilla, please stick them in
there. Otherwise we might API freeze without those fixups. ;-) Put
"API" in the keywords field for bugs that may require API


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