Re: bugzilla abuse

Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes:

> hi havoc,
> you recently submitted a bunch of bogus gobject bugs to bugzilla.

> 1) bugzilla is _not_ a development mailing list replacement, a couple
>    of your bugs are convenience or "could be done differently" items,
>    those need proper discussion on gtk-devel instead of being submitted
>    to a bugtracker where they'll sit without getting the investigation/
>    comments from the comunity they deserve

Most of these have already been discussed on mailing lists. 

They can be discussed further on mailing lists. But having them in bugzilla
reminds us that there is an outstanding issue that needs to be dealt 

If you make up a list of bugs that you think have not sufficiently been
discussed, Havoc or I will prepare mails to gtk-devel-list about them
so the issue can be dealt with.

> 2) some of your bugs had already been adressed in previous threads, bugzilla
>    is not your personal wishlist bag for "i still want things the xxx way done"
>    things

If you don't agree with a bug, put a comment on the bug saying that
you don't agree with the bug.

If you are positive that a bug is wrong, close it.

> 3) it doesn't help any to submit things as bug reports just because they're
>    currently being worked on but haven't ended up in CVS yet

Yes it does. It helps us keep track of what still needs to go into CVS.
[ And we generally, have no idea what is in your local branch. ]

Remember, things in the bug tracker aren't just bugs, they are "things that 
need to be fixed/done".

> last but not least, i personally am not going to use bugzilla seriously
> anyways, until there's a decent and functionally equivalent email interface
> to it. maintenance where every bug evaluation or commenting thereof
> requires me to be online is simply not an option.

Well, then consider, for now, a way for Havoc, me, etc, to track issues.
We're happy to keep on reminding you about issues that you need to
address by email.

But we have no functioning alternative issue-tracking system, and just
using nothing is not an option.


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