Re: 2 coredumps bugs (gtk_message_dialog/ textview)

Mikael Hermansson <mikeh bahnhof se> writes:

> >From anonCVS (01-02-2001)
> 1. GtkMessageDialog: 
>     w=gtk_message_dialog_new(NULL,0,GTK_MESSAGE_ERROR,GTK_BUTTONS_OK,
> error->message);  
>     gtk_dialog_run(GTK_DIALOG(w));
>     gtk_widget_destroy(w);
> coredumps with:
> GLib-WARNING **: g_main_context_prepare() called recursively from within a
> source's check() or prepare() member.

OK, fixed. (GtkDialog does something a little odd and calls
g_main_destroy() on a running loop. I fixed GMainLoop so that
this works by making GMainLoop use ref/unref.)


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