Re: Setting window icons


> > Speaking of accessibility APIs, a useful addition that could be
> > used in gmag is something like this:
> > 
> > gdk_set_interest_spot(gint x, gint y); 
> > /* should be per-screnn when ther is per-screen support in GDK */
> > 
> > This can set a property in the root window that other applications like
> > gmag may use to enlarge the part of the screen near the "intert" spot
> > (currently it follows the mouse pointer).
> > This is very useful to track the cursor position in text edit widgets
> > or terminal emulation widgets: basically, whenever the cursor is moved
> > the widget sets the interset spot to the screen coordinates of the cursor.
> > This could be done automatically in the focus_in_event for many other
> > widgets as well to enable following focus changes done with the keyboard.
> > On focus out events the property should be unset, maybe calling:
> > 
> > 	gdk_set_interest_spot(-1, -1);
> This is an interesting idea, we should think about adding
> it to our API.  We'd propose putting in the accessibility
> API, to avoid touching gdk unnecessarily.
> We already take text "caret" (cursor) position into account
> and export notifications when it moves, but perhaps this
> should be part of a more general "focus point" concept
> which screen magnifiers will need.  It seems to me that the
> current "follow the mouse" idea is sort of a kludge in the 
> absence of better "region of interest" information being
> provided by the widgets or apps.

GdkDrawCaretLine() should be exported. Its implementation should be
very similar to GdkDrawLine(), but it can do funky stuff in future. [I
had patch to do that, if I dig it up and clean it up, does it have
chance to be applied?] OTOH, it is pretty trivial.

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